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SIGNA Sports United is growing by 39% with significantly increased profitability

July 30, 2020

  • Accelerated digitisation and technology in sports will also drive growth and profitability in the coming years
  • The company is strategically expanding its platform for industrial, commercial and technology partners

The #1 sports online platform – SIGNA Sports United – is growing by 39% in the third quarter of the current financial year ending September 2020. In the first nine months until June 2020, the platform has accelerated its growth to 28% year-over-year with significantly higher profitability.

“We are very satisfied with the development of our business and fully convinced that we will continue to expand our market leadership in Europe and beyond in the future,” said Stephan Zoll, CEO of SIGNA Sports United, adding: “The Corona pandemic is clearly accelerating the already strong megatrends that are driving our business: Increasing health awareness leading to more people doing more sports with a significantly higher digital share. As the leading eCommerce & Tech platform in the major sports categories Bike, Tennis, Outdoor and Teamsports & Athleisure, we are at the forefront of the digital transformation of the 800bn$ global sports & activity market which is now gaining incredibly higher momentum”.

SIGNA Sports United is opening its Commerce & Tech platform for various partners in the sports industry. More than 30 brand shops for leading Bike, Tennis, Outdoor and Teamsports manufacturers have already been set up. This allows brands to address cus-tomers directly and to tell compelling product stories that are perfectly embedded in their own brand identity. Leading global sports associations are already leveraging the full capabilities of the platform: For example, SIGNA Sports United is running the global online shop for the International Tennis Federation (ITF) including shop frontend technology, fulfilment, and customer service. On top there are numerous German national associations currently redeveloping their tennis portals based on the SIGNA Sports United platform. “We are pleased to welcome SIGNA Sports United’s Tennis-Point Group as an official partner. As the worldwide tennis association with 210 member nations, it is our responsibility to successfully continue developing the sport of tennis all over the world. Thanks to SIGNA Sports United for helping us drive this mission forward,” says David Haggerty, ITF President, describing the strategy.

In addition, more than 500 independent brick-and-mortar bike dealers in Germany, France and Scandinavia are now connected to the platform. Alongside Click & Collect and repair services of all kinds, they can access SIGNA Sports United group’s inventory through an Endless-Aisle system which ultimately broadens their selection to better serve customers offline. Stephan Zoll: “Our Connected Retail system brings a perfect omni-channel experience to the sports category: Our store partners and customers love this product as it ultimately combines the best of both worlds.”

The company has established the newly formed SIGNA Sports United X subsidiary to centrally steer the expansion of the platform beyond eCommerce. The recently opened Tech Development Hub in Barcelona is delivering product innovations for the wider digital sports ecosystem such as a Wearables API that is connecting already a dozen of sports activity trackers with SIGNA Sports United’s commerce platform to engage with sports enthusiasts more directly. SIGNA Sports United has formed an exclusive partnership with SportsTechX, which, in addition to providing the largest global data-base of SportsTech start-ups, is overseeing the global SportsTech market and publishing international reports on the development of the sports ecosystem. “Together, we will systematically drive digitization of the sports ecosystem for the good of Brands, Clubs, Media Partners, Retailers, and Athletes,” says Benjamin Penkert, founder of SportsTechX. Stephan Zoll adds: “SIGNA Sports United is in talks with numerous other technology partners and will systematically expand its digitisation offer as a leading platform for sports people, clubs, fans, associations and other sports enthusiasts”.

About SIGNA Sports United
With around 4 million active customers and over 200 million visitors per year, SIGNA Sports United is the leading rapidly growing and profitable Sports Commerce & Tech platform in Europe in the categories Bike, Tennis, Outdoor, Teamsports & Athleisure. SIGNA Sports United includes brands such as Fahrrad.de, Bikester, Campz, Addnature, Tennis-Point, Outfitter and Stylefile. The platform also connects more than 1000 brand partners, more than 500 independent brick-and-mortar dealers and provides access to more than 10 million sports enthusiasts via diverse communities.